What Global Stylists Are Saying

"I enjoy the opportunity to share beautiful works of art and personal stories about the artisans creating them. Hosts and their guests are genuinely touched by the quality and history of the products."

Dawna W., California

"I am having the best time as a Stylist with NOVICA Live! This isn't like any other home party company - we are 'ambassadors' for artisans around the world. It's thrilling to see the guests watch the DVD of the products being made - seeing the artisans themselves working on them and then seeing their reactions as I pass the actual samples around. I feel like I am not just selling something; I am making a difference in the lives of artisans At the same time, my customers are thrilled with the quality, prices and appearance of the pieces they receive from all over the world."

Jean D., California

"Our Novica Live party was awesome! An intimate gathering of friends quickly turned giddy when everyone got to see and handle the beautiful products. No gimmicks, just stunning jewelry and fun conversation. What's more, everyone came away feeling good about supporting artisans in the global community. A few guests, some previously unfamiliar with Novica, were already asking about hosting parties of their own before the night ended! It was a great experience that everyone enjoyed."

Claire & Charlotte, California