What Hosts Are Saying

"Thank you for coming to my house to show us so many incredible products and with such a good social deed! Â It pleases me to know that there is a company that cares about helping artisans around the world. We don't have to industrialize our look and we help many people have a better way of life. I loved your presentation, the video is incredible and of course the items are wonderful!!!"

Lorena G., Texas

"Hosting a Novica Live party was a chance for me to get my close friends together for a fun evening of food, wine, and beautiful, handmade products that we all felt good about buying. Several friends came because they knew they wanted to support Novica, and several came to find out more about the company... possibly some just came for the food! But EVERYONE left feeling excited about their purchases. I earned Novica credit for hosting the party, and bought jewelry that never fails to bring me compliments from total strangers. I'd love to host another Novica Live party in the future!"

Gail P., California

"In the month of November I hosted a NOVICA Live Show in my Claremont house. I invited the women from my charity group, Children's Fund. It was truly a wonderful experience. The women were so excited and very ready to learn about Novica. Carol did a terrific job helping them travel to the different countries and meeting the very talented artisans and the places where they come from. A great time was had by all. They enjoyed the beautiful display of the fine jewelry, glasses, wraps, pashminas as well as some refreshments. I consider it a win-win situation for all. I was also presented with a beautiful certificate from "Novica." When you host a show you are entitled to choose an artisan and a micro loan is given in your name to that particular person. The micro loan is a way to help people in poor countries to develop their business. I also receive credit towards my next purchase. Overall, I consider the experience a very rewarding one."

Norma G., California