The NOVICA Live Story

In The Beginning

NOVICA Live Artisan

NOVICA began as a dream - a dream by its founders to cut out all middlemen and unite artisans around the world directly with customers eager to purchase their handcrafted treasures. This unique bridge, made possible by the internet, has allowed customers to see the faces of their artisans, read their stories and watch videos of them crafting their treasures.

Now part of the National Geographic family, NOVICA continues to seek out talented artisans, giving them a fair trade platform to sell their products, and thus ensuring the preservation of ancient artistic traditions.

A New Chapter...

NOVICA Live is the bold, exciting new chapter of the NOVICA dream! Often people have said "I love purchasing the products online, but I wish I could feel and handle the items live."

Home Party Shoppers

Well now you can. NOVICA Live is bringing handcrafted items into homes across the nation, creating a unique, interactive shopping experience through fun, lively home parties.

If you love the NOVICA dream, and want to help us spread the word so we can benefit the lives of many more artisans, please join us!

Be the bridge between artisans and customers when you host a NOVICA Live show or become a NOVICA Live Global Stylist.